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Free Hosting


Basic Hosting

$4.99 monthly

Unlimited  Hosting

$19.99 monthly  

·            FREE  domain


·        Website builder

·         MYSQL

·         FTP

·         EMAIL

·         100 MB  (Hard Drive)

·         520 MB  (DATA TRANFER)

      ·         1 domain name

      ·          Free email

      ·         Cpanel

      ·         1000’s of add-ons

      ·         Website builder

      ·         FTP

      ·         MYSQL

      ·         MUCH MORE….


      ·         Email

      ·         Data

      ·         MYSQL

      ·         FTP

      ·         99.99% uptime

      ·         VIP support

      ·         Discount on web assets




Unlimited  hosting deal

You will have McNown Network’s to help you with your day to day need's and get 20% off on web assets.

Help you get your website where and how you want it.

Don’t know how to build a website?

No problem we will take care it for you. Or we will teach you every step of the way.

For $19.99 a month that’s 239.88 a year.

Pay for 12 months or more you only pay $150.00 you save $90.00 a year 


Basic Hosting Plan

Need a way to get up and going online?

You will have access to our low price Top level domain names.

Build your website with the 1000’s of website templates to suite your needs.

McNown Networks Offer web assist program to get you up and running.

Any Questions please open a support ticket HERE 





Free Hosting

Don’t have the cash?

McNown Networks will help you get up and going

You can use my Domain name to make your own website (

You will have one email (

Comes with everything you need to get you up and going in less than one day 


Super site

This is our base website for domain names and web hosting.

This is where you will buy your domain name.

You may also buy web hosting from our supersite for different plans or you are looking a dedicated servers.


McNown Networks server specs

Windows server 2008 R2

Hmail server   spam/antivirus filter 

MySQL server

PHP server

Joomla website builder

Daily backups

Offer remote management VPN

1000’s of add-ons

Website panel (coming soon)

DNS (coming soon)


Dedicated ip (coming soon)

spam filter in the cloud

Open Support Ticket